January 25, 2022

9 Red Flags in Job Listings that Prevent Candidates from Applying

Recent research by GovernmentJobs.com found that public sector applications are down overall even though hiring is on an upswing. This poses a problem today for agencies who are looking to fill critical vacancies. While offering unique perks and benefits, as well as a more stable work-life balance compared to the private sector, are great things you should be highlighting in your job postings, you should also consider what may be turning job applicants off early on in the hiring process. Doing everything you can to shine a light on what makes working for your organization special will help you get the best talent. Let’s take a look at nine red flags in job listings that prevent candidates from applying to a job.

January 11, 2022

Why An Engaging Careers Site Matters

The job market is hot right now, with many people not only job searching in the wake of the pandemic, but also being more selective about which jobs they apply to. This is likely to increase even further in the new year, when job applications are traditionally at their highest anyway. That’s why it’s so important that your organization has a careers site that stands out and is engaging to job seekers. You might have some of the best perks and opportunities for professional growth out there, but if your careers page doesn’t catch someone’s attention, they would never know it. 

December 15, 2021

Attract Millennial & Gen Z to Public Sector Jobs With These Perks

As public sector agencies are adjusting to a post-pandemic world and a flood of retirements from their older employees, the time for proactive outreach to younger candidates is now. Millennial and Gen Z workers have a different set of standards and principles for what they look for in a job, but there are many compelling reasons for them to consider a job in the public sector. By identifying and showcasing these benefits in your employer brand and recruiting process, you are more likely to attract millennial and Gen Z talent to your public sector jobs, backfilling recent vacancies and priming growth with the agency in the future.

October 28, 2021

Why Aren't Diverse Candidates Applying to My Jobs? 6 Reasons

It’s a refrain we hear often from frustrated HR professionals -- “We are actively searching for diverse talent, but we are not getting qualified candidates.” The truth is that while the intention may be there, more goes into recruiting a diverse workforce than just the desire. 

October 22, 2021

How to Create a Welcoming Environment for Diversity

While many public sector organizations attempt to up their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, how many of them are actually facilitating a welcoming environment for diverse employees? 

Even if your workplace is diverse, diverse employees may not feel understood, valued, and represented at every level of the organization -- and they may not feel like there are as many opportunities for growth. Beyond mission statements, there’s likely plenty of room for improvement throughout every stage of your hiring and retention processes.

Keep reading for actionable steps your team can take to foster a more welcoming environment for employees of diverse backgrounds. 

September 29, 2021

How to Improve Diversity Throughout Your Hiring Funnel

After putting serious action into attracting diverse candidates, it’s time to make sure the rest of the recruitment process isn’t prone to bias pitfalls. Start by breaking down each stage of the recruitment process and then analyzing how all of your candidate groups fare in each one. This will give you the insights to improve diversity throughout your hiring funnel.

September 27, 2021

Tips for Defining Your Organization's Culture

Workplace culture has become increasingly important for public sector organizations to develop and put into action. From attracting prospective employees to enjoying higher retention and productivity levels among existing employees, establishing a well-defined and positive workplace culture has a multitude of benefits. 

September 23, 2021

Where Do I Get the Best Job Candidates For My Open Positions?

If you feel your time-to-hire and/or quality of candidates are not up to par, you should take a look at where you’re sourcing your candidates. This includes everywhere you post your jobs: online job boards, career pages, social networks, job fairs, traditional media like newspapers or magazines, and via referrals. This will allow you to determine where you get the best job candidates from.

September 16, 2021

How Do I Determine a Job Posting Conversion Rate?

It’s a question that seems obvious, but can be used to gain critical insight into your recruiting and hiring processes: how attractive is this job I posted to job seekers?Determining a job posting conversion rate will allow you to see which job postings are doing well and which could use some help to attract more applicants.

September 08, 2021

Ensuring DEI in the Workplace Through Education & Training

Now more than ever, the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion has become a hot topic in organizations across the country. Oftentimes when we think of DEI, however, thoughts of Equal Opportunity Employer statements or a Diversity page on the organization website are evoked, at best. 

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