NEOGOV Honored with Multiple Awards (Press)

by NEOGOV on February 01, 2017

NEOGOV was recently honored with inclusion in the GovTech 100, ELGL Choice Awards, and Apps Run the World HCM Top 500 Software Vendors.

Recognized with numerous certifications and awards, NEOGOV has achieved success in the categories of both growth and market leadership. The company has grown to be known as one of the fastest-growing private software companies throughout all of North America.

Each year, Government Technology magazine releases the GovTech 100, a compendium of 100 companies focused on bettering state and local governments. This year, NEOGOV received recognition in the administrative market segment due to increased venture capital attention and the company’s focus on making a difference in state and local government. NEOGOV has shown continuous commitment to our public sector customers by viewing the sector and the communities they serve as our top priority. NEOGOV’s solutions are designed to automate the entire hiring, onboarding, and performance evaluation process.

Similar to GovTech 100, Apps Run the World released the HCM Top 500 Market Report which ranked NEOGOV as a top software vendor. Based on our annual revenue, the HCM report marked an increased year over year growth rate, which propelled NEOGOV into their top 15%.

NEOGOV was also recently named number 12 of the Top 50 Local Government Companies by the ELGL Choice Awards. ELGL Choice Award recipients were selected using two criteria: the number of nominations received by each company (75%) and an evaluation from the ELGL management team (25%).

It is no secret that NEOGOV is quickly garnering success within the realm of technology and human resources. Frank Holman, NEOGOV marketing manager says, “NEOGOV’s commitment to technological innovation and driving success for the public sector has led to increased recognition. NEOGOV is honored to be included in such a broad array of accolades and looks forward to continuing momentum.”


NEOGOV is the leading provider of an integrated HR, payroll, and talent management solution for the public sector. NEOGOV customers report increased employee productivity and engagement, time and cost savings, improved regulatory requirement compliance, and reduced paper processes, with a net result of better services for citizens. Serving over 7,000 organizations, NEOGOV provides intelligent HR for the public sector. More information at

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