USA Today feat. NEOGOV: State governments say 'Help Wanted.'

by NEOGOV on March 26, 2019

NEOGOV public sector research report findings were featured in a USA Today article about state government hiring struggles. Here is an excerpt from the article discussing our public sector report.

"State governments are hiring but fewer people are applying.

From 2013 through 2017, job postings in 27 states increased 11 percent, while the number of applicants plummeted 24 percent, according to a new report from the National Association of State Chief Administrators, done in partnership with Accenture and NEOGOV, a public sector job board.

It's a surprising finding since government jobs have often been seen as clear pathways to the middle class, offering long-time positions with good benefits. But such jobs may  have lost some of their luster. 

"People just aren’t as attracted to that industry as they were five years ago,'' says Shane Evangelist, NEOGOV's chief executive officer.  "The top two factors that drive job seekers to the public sector (are) ... job security and benefits, and we’ve had some pretty big changes happen..'

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