NEOGOV Releases 2019 Job Seeker Report Update

by NEOGOV on July 10, 2019

Based on an analysis of over 14 million job applications, 260,000 hires and a survey of nearly 3,000 public sector job seekers, NEOGOV takes a deep dive into the state of hiring in the public sector. 

Among the data revealed in the report, over the last five years, from 2013 to 2018, public sector job postings have increased by 29%, while the number of applications have decreased by 8%, resulting in a 37% gap that the public sector is struggling to fill.

Among other insights in the report, according to the 2019 Job Seeker Report, people who have applied for government jobs said they are most motivated to do so because of the sector’s job security—with benefits packages, the chance to do meaningful work, and the opportunity to serve the community also getting top marks.


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