New Hire Success: What’s Your Onboard Health Check Score?

by Pamela Kubiak on January 31, 2020

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that successful onboarding can improve employee performance by up to 15% (source: Gartner). However,implementing an effective onboarding strategy takes time, bandwidth, and of course, technology.

Our Onboard solution has been built with the 5 Cs of onboarding as its pillars - compliance, clarification, culture, connection, and check backs. Every C has been satisfied with specific functionality to help ensure you’re following best practices, and thereby increasing engagement in those first 90 days of employment.

We recognize that building the ideal onboarding strategy is an evolution, and doesn’t happen overnight even when you have the technology to support it.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Onboard Health Check, a new dashboard in our Onboard product that measures how well you’ve adopted the underlying features that support the 5 Cs.

Here’s how it works: when logging into Onboard, you will see your current Health Check Score. It monitors how complete your onboarding program is, specifically how many best practices you’re using, and then provides suggestions on how to strengthen it by taking advantage of more functionality. Each time you add a best practice to your onboarding strategy, you’ll get closer to your 100% Health Check Score.

For example, do you have two onboarding checklists created? If so, you’ve met one criteria in the area of Compliance. Have you added the latest standard I9 and W4 forms? If so, you’re doing even better. Now employees can complete their tax documents ahead of their start date, which helps them get a running start.

How about adding job goals or duties to the Clarity section? Reinforcing the position’s requirements is another huge step toward orienting your new hires and yet another C where the system will make suggestions to ensure you’re getting the maximum potential out of the product.

There are plenty of other examples too. Every C of onboarding has been included. By simply following the solution’s recommendations, you can improve the process you currently have in place, eventually achieving a comprehensive, well-rounded onboarding experience that wows new hires and primes them for meeting (or exceeding) the expectations set by their managers and the organization at large.

Our goal with this new feature is to make it easier to rollout an organized onboarding process across your agency or institution by taking out the guesswork. Now, it’s time to log in and see how you’re doing! Let us know in the Community and please share any additional suggestions you have.

Pamela Kubiak

Pamela Kubiak is a director of Product at NEOGOV overseeing both Onboard and eForms. As a member of the product team, Pamela specializes in compliance and the employee's experience. In her tenure at NEOGOV, she has worked as a recruiter, then moving to an Implementation Consultant before finding her way onto the Product Management team. Prior to joining the NEOGOV team, Pamela has had experience in not only recruiting but also in the public sector.

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