How to Add Convenience and Hire Faster with Electronic Offer Letters

by Vidya Prabhakara on January 30, 2020

In today’s job market, the number of open jobs exceeds the number of unemployed jobseekers, making it more difficult to secure qualified applicants that make it all the way through the hiring process without losing interest or being swayed by another employer at some point along the way.

Public sector organizations need to stay on top of their game to keep candidates engaged by ensuring a smooth and optimal experience throughout the hiring process. Every step, from application to offer, must be seamless and expedient so that the most qualified, sought-after candidates are less likely to pursue other opportunities.

Always assume that a candidate has more than one option and that no matter how excited they seemed about the position, they’re evaluating whether your organization is some place they’d like to work. From the style and tone of your communication, to the technology you’re using, they’re making judgements.

That’s why we continue to update our product features, including adding more modern methods for candidate communication. Besides scheduling interviews and assessments through a self-service portal, you can now also generate online electronic offer letters that candidates can accept with an e-signature.

By extending offers electronically, candidates can view and respond to these offers more quickly, eliminating waiting time on both ends. In the event that your first choice accepts, you can potentially expedite their start date from what it would have been otherwise, which may mean leaving an open position vacant for less time. When a candidate doesn’t accept the offer, the convenience of an electronic offer letter enables them to let you with a simple mouse click, so you reach the next one in line before they’ve landed something else.

Millennials and Gen Z rely on technology to conduct their daily personal and business matters, and they expect their employers to be just as tech-savvy. Besides beating another employer to the punch with an electronic offer letter, you send a signal that your organization supports their employees by providing tools that leverage automation to improve efficiency and dispel perceptions that the public sector is behind or reluctant to embrace the digital age. In short, it lets them know they’d be working for an organization that’s embraced digital transformation, not a dinosaur kicking and screaming its way into the future.

This litany of benefits provided by modernizing the way you extend offers to candidates means increasing the odds of getting the candidate you want. If you currently use Insight, the applicant tracking solution in our Recruit module, you already have access to this feature through OHC. You can immediately start sending out electronic offer letters without having to leave the system. With the new electronic offers feature, users can:

  • Create electronic offer templates to maintain consistency across offer letters
  • Send Electronic offer letters to candidates in offered stage
  • Track the status of offers extended and responses received
  • View and print a signed e-offer letter for filing purposes

Additionally, candidates can login to your career site portal to review the offer and respond to the offer in the system. If the candidates decides to accept the offer, they can submit an electronic signature to submit their acceptance.

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Vidya Prabhakara

Vidya Prabhakara is a Director of Product for NEOGOV. Vidya has been working with NEOGOV for over 8 years and has contributed to Software Development and Product Management during her tenure with NEOGOV. Contact Vidya at