This Simple Change in Perform Improved Task Completion By Up To 10%

by Geoff Brown on May 29, 2020

Sometimes, the easiest enhancements are the most effective. We normally don’t highlight small features aside from our product enhancement release notes, because we are constantly making small changes to improve usability. However, we found it fascinating that this Perform enhancement in particular has had such an impact on the navigability of the product. With a singular focus on facilitating task completion for managers and employees, the Perform team introduced a simple feature that changed productivity: the green button.

Elegant in its simplicity and direct in its call to action, the green button single handedly answers the question, "What should I do now?" When the change happened, users didn't even realize they had become more productive.

Initially tested for rating tasks only, a 5-10% improvement in completion rate made the case for widespread release. Vibrant and welcoming, the green button draws attention and provides an unequivocal path to productivity.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 2.46.28 PM

Within weeks, all current evaluation tasks appeared highlighted in viridescent hues of grassy green. "At first, I didn't know what to do. But then, I saw that green button and I just clicked it," said one task assignee. Yes, task assignee, we know. We saw the completion stats and click, you did.

Building upon the success of the green button, the Perform team plans to release more simple yet powerful usability enhancements later this year. "Expect to see more green action cues, fewer distractions, and certainly a more direct connection between the 'call to action' and the 'path to task completion'," says NEOGOV product designer Christine Kim.

Geoff Brown

Geoff Brown, a very serious individual, is the Perform product manager at NEOGOV. Virtuous family man and ardent follower of Phish, Geoff is a modern day renaissance man who has a taste for danger and a flair for the dramatic. A man of many talents, his career reads like a treasure map of digital innovation and intrigue. Some people are winners, Geoff is victory incarnate.

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