A New HR Partnership: SkillSurvey and NEOGOV Announce Technology Integration to Further Streamline the Hiring Process

by NEOGOV on September 15, 2022

NEOGOV and SkillSurvey are excited to announce a new technology integration. NEOGOV’s Applicant Tracking Solution will now seamlessly integrate with SkillSurvey Reference®, a cloud-based data-driven solution that helps HR and talent teams assess and evaluate candidates on core competencies and behaviors that are key predictors of job success.

Through this partnership, government organizations can now streamline the entire hiring process, with cross-platform access to SkillSurvey through NEOGOV. This saves organizations a significant amount of time and money, helps them grow revenue, and brings the right employees onboard faster with data-driven insights. The new integration is a direct response to customers’ desires to add more intelligence into the hiring process.

NEOGOV customers can now quickly and easily access SkillSurvey throughout the hiring process. This gives HR departments the ability to check references earlier in the hiring process, sending out job-specific surveys to former supervisors and colleagues. By bringing an additional level of automation to the hiring process, this ensures HR departments have everything they need to make smart, strategic hiring decisions more effectively.

Research has proven that effective use of the SkillSurvey Reference Pre-Hire 360® workflow reduces first-year turnover and results in better post-hire performance while adding efficiency to the recruiting process.

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