Bloomberg Features NEOGOV and in Article About COVID-19 Employment Mystery

by NEOGOV on April 28, 2020

EL SEGUNDO, CA NEOGOV is proud to have our recent research findings featured in a Bloomberg article about COVID-19 and vanishing public sector job applicants. Learn more about the data in the Bloomberg article below.


"For every job Kelly Hardwick has posted since March, there seem to be fewer and fewer applicants. 

“That has been real surprising to me,” said Mississippi’s top government-hiring manager. “Generally what happens is that the number of applications go up as unemployment rises.” 

The phenomenon is occurring across America. Neogov -- which runs, the largest government hiring website in the country -- said April applications plunged 54%, to 339,240 in the first part of the month compared with 735,756 a year earlier, even though the number of jobs available fell only about 13%..."

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