How to Transition Employees from Working in Office to Working Remotely

by John Calderon (NEOGOV) on April 06, 2020

A recent survey of HR professionals by Gartner found that 88% of organizations have encouraged or required employees to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In public sector and higher education organizations, however, there are unique challenges to successfully implementing a work remote program for employees while also maintaining critical services. Whether it be utilities, police and fire, online schooling or other functions deemed essential, working remotely may not be as simple as it is for private sector companies. Learn how to transition to remote work below.

Whether your organization has already begun transitioning employees to working from home or is weighing its options on what to do next, it’s important to consider what the members of your workforce may be grappling with if they’ve never worked remotely before. It is imperative that they take stock of everything they need to do their jobs, including but not limited to desktops or laptops, monitors, mouse, power adapters, software access, or VPN access.

In addition to tools, they will need to adopt a different mindset and create a daily structure to ensure productivity. How they prepare mentally to manage tasks and projects will be critical to their personal success and the organization’s.

From sharing space with spouses, family members, or roommates to setting up a consistent routine while remaining in virtual touch with managers and other team members, they’ll need to set a tone for their new home “office space.”

To help make their transition from working in the office to working remotely as smooth as possible, we’ve created an eBook that includes tips for assessing they have everything they need (hardware, software, other essential tools) to do their jobs out of the office, suggestions for navigating shared spaces at home and minimizing distractions and developing a routine akin to the one they had before.

For more in-depth tips for your employees to successfully transition to working from home, download our free eBook 6 Best Practices for Working From Home.

John Calderon (NEOGOV)

John Calderon is the Content Strategist at NEOGOV. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from University of California, Los Angeles and has spent over a decade creating content as a marketing professional and journalist. Contact John: