How to Choose the Right HRIS Cloud Software for Your Agency

by Alexandrea Davis on March 06, 2023

Learn what critical factors you should consider while researching SaaS HRIS cloud software for your public sector agency.

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At long last, your organization is ready to invest in HRIS cloud software so you can efficiently process human resources requests, improve data management, and automate workflows. You even received approval from leadership to research and select an HRIS cloud software solution, so you want to get started immediately.

But as excited as you are to streamline your HR processes, you’re also a little wary. Like all public sector agencies, you have a limited budget and must spend your resources wisely to get the best investment possible. With so many SaaS HRIS solutions on the market, you wonder how to choose the right one.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can prepare for your SaaS HRIS search, from auditing your current processes to identifying questions to ask software providers. Then, we’ll cover the specific items to consider when choosing HRIS cloud software for your organization. 

Identifying Your Needs for a SaaS HRIS Solution

You can take a few straightforward actions to prepare for your HRIS solution search. Below, we discuss what to keep in mind so you can maximize time and effort and find the perfect solution for your agency. 

Audit your current processes 

Before selecting an HRIS for your organization, you must identify the processes that need improvement. Otherwise, you may end up with a product that doesn’t address your needs. To gather these insights, have conversations with other HR professionals on your team to see where they regularly experience workflow inefficiencies and barriers to completing day-to-day tasks. 

Other employees in your organization may also have recommendations for process improvements. Once you understand where changes are needed and what you’re looking for in an HRIS, you can focus your search on the SaaS HRIS solutions that offer these features. 

Confirm your budget

HRIS cloud software is available at a range of prices. Many software companies use a tiered pricing model based on the number of employees in an organization. Larger organizations pay more for HRIS software to account for the additional licensing and customer support required. 

Before you begin your search, confirm your budget with leadership to avoid falling in love with a product that’s too expensive for your organization. Remember to consider initial start-up fees (including paying for any set-up support) and ongoing, annual licensing costs. 

Pinpoint your must-haves

You don’t want to spend money on bells and whistles you don’t need or, worse, invest in a product that doesn’t actually improve organizational workflows. Fortunately, if you completed step one in our list (auditing your processes), you can quickly pinpoint your organizational needs and match them with relevant HRIS SaaS features. 

For example, if your HR professionals praised your screening software solution, the ability to integrate with this system might be a “must-have” for your new HRIS. Or perhaps employees want to improve the process for submitting PTO requests. In this case, you might focus your search on human resource information systems with employee self-service portals. 

Research your options

Now, it’s time to sit down and research HRIS software options. By refining your search according to industry, you can find a solution that best meets your needs. For example, if you’re trying to work with companies that understand the nuances of public sector HR, you might search for government HRIS systems. 

As you research, keep your budget and “must-haves” in mind to avoid exploring options that aren’t feasible for your organization. Once you select a few options that meet these minimum criteria, schedule demos to learn what sets each solution apart.  

What to Consider When Choosing HRIS Cloud Software

You completed your initial research and assessed your software needs – but you’re not done yet. Next, let’s discuss items to consider when choosing between the myriad of HRIS cloud software options currently on the market. 

Cost and scalability

Because public sector agencies must be thoughtful about spending taxpayer dollars, consider cost and scalability during your search. Purchasing a product capable of scaling as your organization grows (or your needs change) is an excellent way to ensure a positive return on investment and efficient use of public funds. 

Features and functionality

It’s easy to get distracted by a company’s branding and lose sight of underlying functionality, but there’s no use purchasing a system that doesn’t meet organizational needs (as pretty as it may be!). Compare your list of non-negotiables with the functions you need, and be ruthless about cutting HRIS solutions that don’t satisfy minimum criteria. Once you’ve identified products with “must-have” features, you can consider extras. 

User interface

Your new HRIS should also be easy to use. A user-friendly interface means employees spend less time learning how to use the new system and more time reaping the benefits of automated workflows and streamlined processes. Before purchasing an HRIS, sign up for a product demo to see your top choices in action and identify whether the user interface is simple and intuitive. 


You may already use software for onboarding, talent management, performance management, or other government HR functions. To avoid complicating your tried-and-true workflows, find an HRIS SaaS system that can mesh with these existing solutions. Some software companies, including NEOGOV, can integrate their products with your existing compatible solutions, making it easy to streamline your HR data and processes. 


You’ll store sensitive data in your HRIS, including personal information for employees (like Social Security numbers) and financial data for your organization. As you research SaaS HRIS solutions, ask companies about their cybersecurity protocols, including whether they offer two-factor authentication for employee log-ins and where they store data. To ensure the safety and security of critical information, only purchase solutions from software companies that take cybersecurity seriously. 

Questions to Ask HRIS SaaS Providers

In addition to requesting cybersecurity information, prepare a set of questions to ask each of your top HRIS software providers. This lets you compare solutions side-by-side to see what makes each unique – and which best suits your agency. Below are a few questions to get you started: 

  • Can this HRIS integrate with my organization’s current HR systems (for example, recruitment, onboarding, or talent management software)? 
  • Do you have experience serving the public sector, and does your HRIS support government compliance needs? 
  • Is this solution easy for employees to use? 
  • Do you provide ongoing customer support during implementation – and beyond? 


A seamless implementation process means you can immediately make the most of your new HRIS. Employee-central HRIS companies make set-up a breeze by efficiently providing individuals with their licenses, teaching them how to use the new system, and integrating your new HRIS with any other software your organization already uses.

HRIS Cloud Software Built for the Public Sector

We have one final item for you to consider as you research options: NEOGOV’s HRIS, which was built specifically to meet the HR data management needs of the public sector. 

Our easy-to-use interface provides flexible functionalities and configurations to support public sector compliance requirements. Checks and balances let your HR team choose which self-service updates employees can make, and you can set approval workflows so supervisors can review employee changes. 

As an employee-central HRIS, we also offer a unified employee self-service portal compatible with all NEOGOV products. Plus, our mobile app enables employees to access and update information right on their phones. 

When you’re ready to start using one system for all employee info and processes, NEOGOV’s customer support team ensures a smooth setup by handling implementation, integration, and initial training from start to finish. This includes integrating our HRIS cloud software with third-party systems you already use. 

Ready to see our product in action? Schedule a free consultation today.


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