NEOGOV Data Featured in Axios

by NEOGOV on November 21, 2019

NEOGOV is proud to have our recent research findings from the Job Seeker Report featured in an Axios article about the public sector staffing crisis. See some of the important findings in the Axios article below. 

Reproduced from the 2019 NEOGOV Job Seeker report; Chart: Axios Visuals


"City governments are feeling a staffing squeeze as baby boomers retire in droves and the tight job market makes it harder to attract millennials into municipal gigs.

Why it matters: Vacant positions means state and local governments are less able to provide services. They're also struggling to find workers with the expertise to drive tech- or data-intensive projects.

The big picture: With a national unemployment rate of less than 4%, public sector jobs are not as enticing for experienced workers who can command higher salaries in the private sector..."

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