NEOGOV’s 16th Annual User Conference Draws Record Turnout

by Xen Virtue on November 20, 2017

More than five hundred people convened at NEOGOV’s 16th Annual User Conference to get a sneak peek at upcoming product updates, learn from experts, and network with other NEOGOV users.

Hosted in Las Vegas on October 26th and 27th, attendees were treated to two days jam-packed with information and inspiration. From the kickoff with NEOGOV’s new CEO to the close with customer appreciation awards, the Conference scored an overall rating of 8.66 out of 10.

Passionate Guest Speakers

The highest praised sessions came for two speakers: Jennifer Lee and Barbara Glanz.

Jennifer Lee, Executive Director of Learning and Development of JB Training Solutions, gave an engaging and hilarious presentation Thursday afternoon on the pretty and ugly sides of giving and receiving feedback. She connected with the audience and used light-hearted, relatable examples to drive home helpful tips.

Barbara Glanz, President of Barbara Glanz Communications Inc, hosted Friday morning’s keynote address on creating contagious enthusiasm. A woman who embodies her topic, Barbara filled the room to the brim and drew a line of people eager to chat with her after the presentation.

Cheri Rollins, a Human Resources Analyst from Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, commented, “She was inspiring and made me think about how I was coming across to my customers. I have since changed my voicemail recording at work too. She put the wind back in my sails.”

Top Rated Sessions

While the praise showered down on our guest speakers, there was plenty sprinkled over the NEOGOV employees who presented the product roadmap sessions.

Luigi Naguit, Product Manager, gave an engaging and informative presentation on the Perform Product Roadmap, revealing transformations including enhancements and additional modules.

Pamela Kubiak, Onboard Product Manager, delivered a dynamic presentation on the Onboard Product Roadmap, and left the audience buzzing about new mentor features and enhancements.

Michelle Cline, Insight Product Manager, and Vidya Prabhakara, Technical Product Manager, gave a sleek and sharp presentation on the Insight Product Roadmap, showcasing a broad vision for the company, and new features and functionality to come.

The array of speakers didn’t end with our employees though. Kayla Moncayo (Coconino County), Magan Lawrence (Gateway Technical College), and Nadia Ivanova-Pfenning (Coconino County) led a feedback session on lessons learned while implementing Perform and Onboard Products. These women presented great information and takeaway tips, making this one of the top five rated sessions.

What Happens At TopGolf

One of the most memorable aspects of the Conference came from Thursday’s social night out.

After a near twelve-hour day, NEOGOV hosted an opportunity to relax with a night out at Topgolf. Hosted at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, there was something for everyone: golfing, ping-pong, a photo booth, a magician, music, food, cocktails, and very popular caricature artists.

Kayla Monacyo, an HR Analyst from Coconino who was a part of the panel for Implementing Perform & Onboard Products, commented that “the entertainment and DJ were great, and the food was delicious,” making the evening “the best Thursday Night Out with NEOGOV I’ve been to!”

Beyond the entertainment, what was most appreciated about the event was the opportunity to network in a casual environment. Guests were able to connect with their peers and engage with many of NEOGOV’s employees throughout the night.

Tracey Virtue, VP - Marketing Operations, said, “It was wonderful being able to connect with our customers like this. We always strive to exceed their needs, and with the feedback from the conference and future product updates, our goal is to continue doing just that.”

Xen Virtue

Xen Virtue is a technical writer and editor for NEOGOV.