Comparing Public Sector Time-to-Hire Success Through Benchmarking

by John Calderon on August 12, 2021

A great way to determine where your agency stands in terms of its hiring efforts is through comparing your progress in time-to-hire with other agencies similar to yours – otherwise known as benchmarking. Benchmarking can help you identify performance gaps and opportunities for improvement for both individual job postings and departments.

Previously, we spoke about measuring your agency's time-to-hire for a better understanding of where there are bottlenecks in the recruitment phase. When thinking about benchmarking for your agency, you can consider several different variables. You might want to compare the time-to-hire between your agency and another agency within your respective city, county, state, etc. Or, you may want to compare your time-to-hire to agencies outside of your immediate vicinity but that have similar characteristics to yours; e.g., size and/or region. It might be worthwhile to get more granular and compare specific departments and/or class specifications, if you’ve noticed that there’s a significant slowdown in a particular part of your hiring process. 

One example might involve a slowdown in the recruitment process when hiring managers get involved. You may want to compare how many days recruiting languishes in this stage when compared to another similar department or agency.

Manager Interviewing Candidate Reviewing Resume - Comparing Public Sector Time-to-Hire Success Through Benchmarking

If you’re wondering where to start, here are some example questions to ask yourself:

  • Is one department consistently hiring slower than the same department at other agencies?
  • What are other agencies doing differently than yours, and what can you learn from them? 
  • Are other agencies using modernized processes to help expedite recruitment and hiring?

Some of the benchmarking data will be easy to access, especially if you are comparing results among peers in your own community. Accessing data from departments within your larger organization, for example, should be fairly simple to obtain. However, leveraging an applicant tracking system like NEOGOV’s Insight that has this capability built-in – including the ability to compare agencies of similar sizes and in the same region – can make the process a lot simpler.

John Calderon

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