Jacob Girard

Jacob Girard is an Account Executive at NEOGOV. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Saint Michael's College and has spent close to a decade working with HR and Technology at NEOGOV. Contact: jgirard@neogov.com

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June 17, 2020

How One College Enacted a Contact Tracing Protocol for COVID-19

As public sector and higher education organizations plan to send their workforces back to the office post-pandemic, many safety precautions will have to be taken into consideration to mitigate the risk for employees. In particular, conceding that COVID-19 is likely not going away -- at least not completely -- means that organizations may have to step in when local health departments are unable to do so. Automation of these processes can help reduce the danger of disease-spreading while also tracking crucial information that impacts the safety and health of the entire organization. Among the new processes organizations will need to introduce, contact tracing ranks high on the list.


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